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Bridging the Gap, of Information and Entertainment l!

Welcome to Urban Intelligence BlogSpot!. The beginning of the structure for Imperial Hustle game and layout. This is the Alpha and Omega. If you havent had the chance to get to the imperial Hustle website please check us out  See what we have coming up, from mixtapes, magazines, clothing lines and documentaries. We are covering it all and leaving no stone unturned. We are about to get deep with y’all and that’s just scratching the surface.Trying to find the means between bridging the gap of information through entertainment, this is were the gap begins with our youth, ourselves and environment. We understand and see that, so our Hustle stands Imperial and unshaken to others. We choose to gain empowerment by staying true to the game, by setting trends as game controllers rather being controlled by the game, that puts us in the position as players. As you continue to engage in what i offer, along with the rest of my team, you will have an understanding, of some ethics, hustle and social understanding of your own, simply by what we converse in. i look forward myself to being able to grow and network with some individuals that are on a path for game, with an appetite to chop up game with others and pass on what the get gamed on.


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