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100th Post!


  • Number individualizing the part of a whole, which is itself only the part of  a greater totality.
  • Symbolism of the martyrdom, according to saint Augustin.
  • It is the part of the part, the microcosm of the macrocosm, according to R. Allendy. It is also the individuality of the microcosm.
  • This number corresponds to the Hebraic letter “qoph”, and to the nineteenth mystery of the Tarot: the Sun, symbol of individuality.
  • In the Christian literature, the number 100 appears as symbol of the celestial beatitude.


  • The hundredth ewe that was lost in the parable of Jesus. (Mt 18,12)
  • Nicodemus brought a mixture of myrrh and aloes, weighing about a hundred pounds to embalm Jesus. (Jn 19,39)
  • The hundredfold is promised to who has left all for Our Lord. (Mk 10,30)
  • The fourteen epistles of Paul have on the whole 100 chapters.
  • Obadiah saved 100 prophets. (1 K 18,4)
  • Saul promised his daughter Merab in marriage to David if he brought back the foreskins of 100 Philistines. (1 S 18,25)
  • If someone accuses wrongly a virgin of Israel pays 100 silver shekels. (Dt 22,19)
  • Abraham was a hundred years old when his son Isaac was born. (Gn 21,5)


  • Hundred Roman soldiers escorted Jesus during his condemnation when he crossed the city to go to the yard of Herod to then return to Pilate, according to the visions of Maria Valtorta. These same soldiers again escorted him during the bearing of the his Cross until the Golgotha.
  • According to the Gospel of Barnabas, chapter 34, Adam and Eve cried during 100 years their sin after their fall.
  • In the Koran, it is mentioned that the man and woman the culprits of adulteries will receive each one 100 blows of whip. (Koran XXIV,2)
  • The construction of the Great Pyramid lasted 100 years, according to Edgar Cayce.
  • An ancient Indian belief that we find in the Dîghanikâya refers to the progressive decline of the man marked by a continuous reduction in the human
    lifespan. At the period of the first Buddha, Vipassi, who made his appearance there are 91 Kalpa (that is to say 91 times 4320000000 of our mortal years), the human lifespan was 80000 years; at the second Buddha, Sikhi (there is 31 Kalpa), 70000 years, and so on. The seventh Buddha, Gautama, makes his appearance when the human life is not more than 100 years, that is to say reduced to its extreme limit.
  • At the Peruvians at the time of Inti-Kapak (between 32th and 15th century before J.-C.) each groups of 100 persons was commanded by a centurion or
    Pachaka, 100 Pachakas by an Hurango and 100 Hurangos by a Hunno.
  • There had 100 gates to Thebes, in Egypt, the third of 300 days of the oldest year.
  • It is told that one day a Franciscan, who was dead a few days earlier, appeared surrounded by burning flames to the brother Conrad of Offida who was in prayer. He implored him to relieve, by his prayers, the sufferings that he endured because, for some sins which he had committed, he had not had the time to expiate sufficiently and that he suffered very great sorrows in the purgatory. The brother Conrad recited immediately for him, a Pater with the Requiem, and the defunct, by feeling a great relief, prayed him to continue, which this one hurried to do. This soul, feeling his sufferings decreased, prayed him again to continue since he told: “your prayer is very powerful for GOD”. Then the brother Conrad repeated until 100 times the Pater, and at the hundredth time, the defunct was delivered all his sorrows and entered in the glory of the Sky.
  • In some occult sects, the numbers 1, 10 and 100 represent “the unit”, or the “ordinal perfection”. Thus the members of these communities would be divided by group of 100, each groups being supervised by a committee of 10 persons, these last one being also submitted to a chief. This hierarchical structure of direction is repeated as many time than necessary according to the total number of members of the community.
  • The Divine Comedy of Dante, this one considered as being a great initiate, includes on the whole 100 songs of which 33 are devoted to the Purgatory, 33 to the Sky and 34 to the Hell.
  • The hundred eyes of Argus in the Greek mythology. This giant could sleep by keeping fifty eyes open. Hera had appointed him to the guards of the heifer Io. He remains synonymous of a vigilant supervisor.
  • The second reigns of Napoleon lasted 100 days, from March 20 to June 22, 1815. It ended by the defeat of Waterloo.


  • By using as correspondence table A=1, B=2, …, Z=26, we find that, in French, “Verbe de Dieu” (Word of GOD) gives 100.
  • The numerical value of Hebrew word EMLKE meaning coronation, and MNI meaning GOD or divinity of the destiny, gives each one 100.


  • The number 100 is used 95 times in the Bible.
  • The number 100 is used 5 times in the Koran. (Koran II,261, II,263, VIII,66, VIII,67 and XXIV, 2)
  • The sum of the occurrences of all numbers of the Bible multiples of 6 gives 100 and the sum of the occurrences of all numbers of the New Testament multiple of 20 gives also 100. We obtain again this same result by the addition of the occurrences of numbers of the New Testament equal or higher than 53.
  • GOD is designated as the Most High 100 times in the OT.

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Mental Sovereignty

Mental Sovereignty Summary

In summary, mental sovereignty includes:

1. You have your own mind, your own thoughts, ideas and conclusions;

2. One function of the mind is for memory or storage;

3. Another function of the mind is for focusing thought and energy;

4. You must train your mind to focus both intention and attention;

5. You must learn to make distinctions in your own mind;

6. To embrace higher truths, our way of thinking must shift to embrace the paradox;

7. Mental sovereignty is about doing your own thinking and making your own choices;

8. Come up with an original idea in 30 days or less;

9. Defeat all mind control systems by being vigilant and perceptive;

10. Reconsider political correctness;

11. Free yourself from blind spots that keep the same old mental patterns operating;

12. Develop your mindset into a powerful attitude for achieving success in your life.

It takes an independent, thinking and compassionate human being to discriminate between “reality,” and the false images projected through lies, propaganda, advertising, distractions, and deception.


Restoring Discrimination. We must extract and separate our individual moral conscience and intelligence from overwhelming, addictive, under-informed, commercial, public information, non-news media that has contaminated our ability to discriminate between what is real, and what is fiction. This inability to discriminate, to make distinctions, and our often apparent indifference and apathy, is described as “reality erosion,” and it is accelerating on a daily basis. Discrimination and integration are two inherent faculties of the human mind, essential for survival. We must learn to think for ourselves.

 “We suffer primarily not from our vices or our weaknesses, but from our illusions. We are haunted, not by reality, but by those images we have put in their place.” —Daniel Boorstin


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Congressional Reform Act of 2011: By “YOU”

The 26th amendment (granting the right to vote for 18 year-olds) took only 3 months & 8 days to be ratified! Why? Simple! The people demanded it. That was in 1971…before computers, before e-mail, before cell phones, etc. Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took 1 year or less to become the law of the land…all because of public pressure.

 In three days, most people in The United States of America will have the message. This is one idea that really should be passed around.

(Congressional Reform Act of 2011)

1. Term Limits. 12 years only, one of the possible options below.

      A. Two Six-year Senate terms
      B. Six Two-year House terms
      C. One Six-year Senate term and three Two-Year House terms

      2. *No Tenure* / *No Pension*.
      A Congressman collects a salary while in office and receives *no
      pay* when they are out of office.

      3. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social

      All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the
      Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into
      the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the
      American people.

      4. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all
      Americans do.

      5. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise.
      Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

      6. Congress loses their current health care system and
      participates in the same health care system as the American people.

      7. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the
      American people.

      8.All contracts with past and present Congressmen arevoid
      effective 1/1/12.

      The American people *did not* make this contract with
      Congressmen. Congressmen made all these contracts for themselves.

      Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding
      Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve
      their term(s), *then go home*and *back to work*.


Fight For Your Rights!

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Manifest Peace

Once you have mastered the nine steps of manifestation, you can consciously choose to manifest anything you desire. “There are no accidents.” Whatever you experience is what you and the “collective consciousness” of humanity have attracted into the physical world. It is a manifestation of everything you have been programmed to think, feel, believe, expect and attract. If you have the expectation of a global economic collapse, nuclear war, an apocalypse, end times, chaos, revolution, Armageddon and the rule of an Antichrist, that is what you are attracting. These low density belief systems disconnect you from Source energy and generate fear. Fear is the densest of all mental and emotional states and is, therefore, the most toxic. It attracts more fear and causes you to “freeze” vibrationally. Fear and low density belief systems are marketed to the masses because they disempower the masses and empower the agenda of the ruling families. When you stop being afraid, you disarm your slave masters of their power over you. Peace is made from the inside out. As the ‘inner you’ transforms and becomes peaceful, so the ‘outer you’ must follow because one is a reflection of the other.

Once you establish your desire and express your intention, synchronicities or “coincidences” start to unfold. Acknowledge and appreciate them instead of brushing them off as meaningless “luck”. A simple example of synchronicity is when you suddenly think about someone you haven’t seen for a long time and right after you have the thought, that person calls you or shows up. By paying attention and exploring the deeper meaning of synchronicity, more will start to appear. It means you are “in the zone”. You may intuitively get an urge to go somewhere, meet someone, talk with a stranger or answer a specific ad which could lead to an idea, a solution or a business contact. Follow the synchronicities and enjoy the journey!

(Excerpts From: “William 2015” By GRACE POWERS)


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“Synthetic Biological Agent” a.k.a “AIDS”

The most talked-about medical phenomena of the 1980s is AIDS, the “acquired immune deficiency syndrome.” The name is of some interest. First of all, it is said to be “acquired,” presuming some action on the part of the victim in coming down with this disease. Second, it results in or is characterized by an “immune deficiency,” meaning that the human system, loses the ability to fight against and overcome these inimical presences. The result is that the system becomes prey to a variety of infections, some of which will be fatal. The prevalence of these infections occurs through two dominant illnesses, Kaposi’s sarcoma, evidenced by large sores on the skin, and a form of pneumonia. It is noteworthy that pneumonia, which had been a fatal disease, had largely been conquered. It had been called “the old man’s friend,” because it took off many elderly persons who presumably no longer had a desire to live.

The class of infections which have become widespread through what is called AIDS were first recognized by physicians, veterinarians and biologists about fifty years ago. At that time, many sheep in Ireland were afflicted by a killer epidemic called Maedi-Visma. Biologists determined that Maedi-Visma was caused by a new class of viruses. Because of the time they required to become virulent, these viruses were called “slow viruses.” The advent of these slow viruses presages a new era in the medical history of mankind. Human beings prior to this time have not been affected by slow viruses, although they have been found among animals being transmissible among monkeys and apes. Slow viruses are also a type known as “retroviruses.” When they enter an infected cell, they assimilate into the genetic structure of the cell, apparently during the cell process of mitosis, or cell division, such division being a normal process of healthy growth. Mitosis is one of the two alternatives which face every cell in the human body; either it divides and grows through mitosis as a life process, or it submits to viral replication and resultant cell death as part of a disease process. Thus we find at the crux of the AIDS problem the ultimate question of the life or death of the entire organism. This is why AIDS, once it reaches the virulent stage, is said to be incurable, resulting in the death of the host body.

In a healthy body, some ten million cells are dying every second; at this same second, they are usually replaced by the body process. Such immediate replacement cannot be orchestrated by the usual body processes of genetic information theories, chromosomes, enzymes or nerve impulse signals. The instantaneous nature of the process requires that it be commanded by bioradiation phenomena. These are triggered by coherent ultraweak photon emissions from living tissues of varying wavelengths. These photon emissions, according to their wavelengths, control biological functions which are in constant activity, such as photorepair, photoaxism, photoperiodic clocks, mitosis, and multiphoton events. Ultraweak photon emissions from living cells exhibit a spectral distribution from infrared (900 nm) to ultraviolet (200 nm). This photon intensity correlates with the conformational states of DNA, during which activity the spectral intensities of biophotons amount to magnitudes of some 10/40 magnitude times higher than those of thermal equilibrium at physiological temperatures. The biomolecule with the highest information density, DNA, seems to be the source of biophoton regulatory radiation, functioning as an “exciplex” laser, and comparing favorably with the fields of man-made lasers. Thus the problem of AIDS brings us to the most basic properties of cell function.

(Excerpts From: “Murder By Injection” By EUSTACE MULLINS)



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I.E. Dons

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David Icke: Beyond The Cutting Edge

David Icke – Brixton Academy


(Watch The Whole Thing @:

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Why are the Libyan people seen in this “restricted” youtube video, supporting CNN’s favorite villain?

Prior to NATO’s invasion and bombing of Libya, here is a statement made by Ghadaffi to the Libyan people: “To end the corruption that has sapped our vast oil wealth…bundles of cash should be delivered to the poor.”

 Last March, Ghadaffi complained about ineffective ministeries and about corrupt officials. He told Libyans  not to trust government bureaucrats to manage their money.



     “Libyans, this is your opportunity to take your oil wealth, power and true freedom”, said Ghadaffi on the eve of a five day round of meetings with Libya’s Popular Committee. Here is an overview of the  plan to redistribute the wealth: $33 billion from oil revenues minus 21 billion paid to foreign contractors to build roads, houses, hospitals, schools. That leaves 12 billion for the people  plus $6 billion left over from last year’s budget and $8 billion from taxes and tourism. Five million Libyans are in line for the bonanza. Ghadaffi submitted flow charts setting out 8 alternative plans for redistributing the wealth.   

  Ghadaffi’s plan to deliver oil revenues directly to the Libyan people  met hard opposition by senior officials. They feared for  their jobs because  Ghadaffi parallel plan would  rid Libya of corrupt officials. Some officials including Prime Minister Al-Baghdadi of the central bank told Ghadaffi that the proposal could harm the country’s economy in the long term due to capital flight. “Do not be afraid to directly redistribute the oil money and create fairer governance structures that respond to people’s interests”, said Ghadaffi to the Popular Committee. “The administration has failed and the state’s economy has failed. Enough is enough.”

In a speech broadcast on state television, Ghadaffi said, “The solution is for the Libyan people to directly receive oil revenues and decide what to do with them”. The government voted to reject Ghadaffi’s plan to turn ownership of the country’s oil revenues over to the people.  From a total of 468 Popular Committee members, only 64 ministers voted for the measure. State bureaucrats rejected the idea because they feared for their jobs and they feared  the wrath of the tansnational oil corporations owned by the international bankster MAFIA.



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Terror “Drills” & “Real” Terror

The Oslo bombing was just the latest example of how almost every major terror event is simultaneously accompanied by an anti-terror security drill that imitates and preceeds the real terror attack. Anti-terror (practice) drills preceeded not only the Oslo terror attacks but the London 7/7 and New York’s 9/11 attacks. The “official” explanation for the terror-drills that preceded the Oslo, London and New York terror attacks was that it’s just coincidental. Skeptics dismiss the “coincidence” explanation as statistically impossibile.


Oslo police were conducting a bombing exercise at a location near the Oslo Opera House just 48 hours before the terrorist blast hit a government building in the Norwegian capital.According to the translated version of an Aftenposten report, “Anti-terror police fired explosive
charges at a training center in Oslo, two hundred meters from the Opera, but forgot to notify the public.” The bombing exercise that preceeded
the “real” Oslo bombing terror attack revolved around anti-terror units attacking a unused building at the edge of Bjørvika pier with bombs and firearms. “The men lowered themselves down from the roof and in through the window that had just been blown out, while they
fired hand their weapons,” states the report, noting that the exercise was “dramatic,” produced “violent bangs,” and was watched by spectators at the nearby Opera House. A video of the drill that accompanies the story shows police scaling the side of a building with an explosion going off below them before they enter the window and start firing. Police publicly apologized for not informing the public about the exercise. FEMA produced a fear mongering propaganda video that says, “See! White guys are terrorists too! Watch out!” That means blacks, whites and “everyone” is a potential terrorist except for the real terrorists – the psychopaths who mastermind, produce, direct and cast the terror attacks. Who are they? The ruling NWO bankster crime families and their puppet politicians who they finance into power.


In the case of the London bombings, a consultancy agency with government and police connections was running an exercise for an unnamed company that revolved around the London Underground being bombed at the exact same times and locations as happened in real life on the morning of July 7th. Many skeptics of the official story have dismissed this “coincidence” as a statistical impossibility.


On 11 September 2001, a key U.S. intelligence agency was running a drill in which a plane hits a government building. While U.S. spy satellites could easily observe what actually happened in New York City and Washington, this “bizarre coincidence” sent the people who operate America’s “eye in the sky” home. On the very day that planes struck the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), the “super-secret” intelligence agency that “designs, builds, and operates U.S. reconnaissance satellites” had planned to conduct an emergency drill in which a simulated plane from the nearby Dulles International Airport would have crashed into their building.

When reality intruded in New York and Washington – the exercise was cancelled and nearly all of NRO’s three thousand employees, the people who operate the nation’s “eye in the sky,” were sent home. The fact that the NRO had planned a scenario on 9/11 that was remarkably similar to what actually happened exposes the lie by some senior administration officials who claimed the events of 9/11 had not been foreseen. The NRO, which works closely with the Dept. of Defense and CIA, had planned a simulated exercise in which a small jet “crashes” into one of the four towers at the agency’s headquarters on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001. The government said it was a “bizarre coincidence” that one of the most important U.S. intelligence agencies had planned a mock plane-into-building crash on Sept. 11, according to the Associated Press who reported the story on August 22.

NRO headquarters are in Chantilly, Virginia, about 4 miles from the runways of Dulles airport. The secretive NRO was created in 1960 and oversees the nation’s spy satellites for reconnaissance and defense purposes. For the first 32 years the U.S. government even denied its existence. The NRO recruits personnel from the military and the Central Intelligence Agency and has a budget
that is estimated to equal the combined budgets of both the CIA and the National Security Agency. The director of the NRO(DNRO) reports directly to the Secretary of Defense and the director of the CIA. On 11 September 2001 the NRO director was Keith R. Hall, who had headed the agency since 1996. As DNRO, Hall was responsible for the acquisition and operation of all United States space-based reconnaissance and intelligence systems. Hall also served as Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Space until December 8, 2001 when Peter B. Teets replaced Hall in both positions. Hall had joined the Pentagon during the administration of Bush the elder, as deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence and security, where he remained into the Clinton administration, until then CIA Director John M. Deutch brought him to the CIA. Hall crafted Deutch’s plan to
create a new spy bureaucracy in the Pentagon, the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) by merging the CIA’s center for interpreting spy satellite imagery with the Defense Mapping Agency.

“As Director, NRO, I have responsibility for the design, acquisition, and operations of all the nation’s reconnaissance satellites,
reporting to the Secretary of Defense and the Director of Central Intelligence,” Hall told the Senate subcommittee on strategic forces in 1999. The “bizarre co-incidence” between the planned exercise and the grim reality suggests that the “game” was hijacked by unknown agents who overlaid it with a lethal scheme in the same way that former Israeli prime minister, Yitzhak Rabin, was assassinated during what was meant to be a security exercise. The existence of the NRO’s pre-planned plane-attack
simulation was first revealed in an announcement of a recent National Law Enforcement and Security Institute conference in Chicago. In a promotion for speaker John Fulton, a CIA officer assigned as chief of NRO’s strategic gaming division, the announcement read: “On the morning of September 11th 2001, Mr. Fulton and his team … were running a pre-planned simulation to explore the emergency response issues that would be created if a plane were to strike a building. Little did they know that the scenario would come true in a dramatic way that day.”

It was American Airlines Flight 77, a Boeing 767, which took off from Dulles at 8:10 a.m., 50 minutes before the NRO exercise was to begin, that reportedly struck the Pentagon on Sept. 11. The Pentagon was hit between 9:30 and 9:40 a.m. with 125 deaths on the ground and 64 reported on the plane. The NRO scenario was planned to test employees’ ability to respond to a disaster, according to Art Haubold, spokesman for the agency. No actual plane was to be involved. To simulate the damage from the crash, some stairwells and exits were to be closed off, forcing employees to find other ways to evacuate the building. Haubold told AFP that is was meant to be a “make believe” drill, “like the fire drills we did as kids in school.” AFP asked Haubold why NRO’s staff was sent home when there was no apparent imminent danger. Haubold said NRO employees had been sent home as federal workers in Washington had. A spokesperson at NIMA in Bethesda, Md., however, told AFP that NIMA personnel had remained on the job on 9/11. NIMA is headed by Lt. Gen. James R. Clapper (USAF Ret.).

Asked about how many people at the Dept. of Defense and CIA had been made aware of the planned exercise, Haubold said that the Pentagon and the CIA were aware of the drill, which he called a “contingency response” test. Pentagon spokesman Ken McClellan could not say whether Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was aware of the exercise at NRO. However, regarding the threat of an airplane attack at the Pentagon or the World Trade Center, McClellan said, “people were prescient.” “It was just an incredible coincidence that this happened to involve an aircraft crashing into our facility,” Haubold told AP. “As soon as
the real world events began, we canceled the exercise.” While the story of the “bizarre coincidence” is of obvious
interest, it has been removed from news websites where it appeared in late August. CNN and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, for example, have both removed the story. On Sept. 11, almost all of the 3,000 people who work at NRO headquarters were sent home, according to Art Haubold, NRO spokesman. Haubold told AFP that after 10:30 a.m. the only people who remained at the agency were “mission essential” personnel.

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Criminal Imperialist WAR In Libya

Published: Aug. 27, 2011 – WSWS

NATO’s assault on Libya, a criminal imperialist war from its outset more than five months ago, has descended into an exercise in out-and-out murder as special forces operatives and intelligence agents hunt down Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. From the beginning, the central objectives of this war have been to seize control of Libya’s oil reserves, the largest on the African continent, and carry out an imperialist show of force as a means of suppressing and diverting the mass popular movements that only months earlier had toppled the US- and NATO-backed regimes of Mubarak in Egypt and Ben Ali in Tunisia.

“Operation United Protector,” as NATO dubbed its military onslaught, would have been more accurately described as “Operation Imperialist Gang Rape.” The US, Britain, France and Italy, each pursuing its own interests in Libya and the broader region, managed to unite for the common purpose of “regime-change.” To achieve this aim, NATO warplanes carried out over 20,000 sorties, destroying schools, hospitals and homes and slaughtering untold numbers of Libyan soldiers, many of them young conscripts.

Flouting the terms of the United Nations resolution authorizing “all means necessary” to protect civilians, NATO powers, including the US, France and Britain, sent in special forces troops, military contractor mercenaries and intelligence agents to arm, organize and lead the so-called “rebels,” whose primary function was to draw out Libyan government forces so they could be annihilated from the air. The pretense that this was a war to protect civilians has been exposed as a moral obscenity, with the death toll in Tripoli alone climbing into the thousands and NATO bombs and missiles continuing to fall in heavily populated areas.

One has to go back to the 1930s when, as today, world capitalism was gripped by a desperate economic crisis to find fitting parallels. Then, mankind was stunned by the savage aggression unleashed in the Italian invasion of Ethiopia, Hitler’s backing of the Sudeten Germans to achieve the carve-up of Czechoslovakia, and the dispatch of the German Condor Legion to bomb Spain on behalf of Franco’s fascist insurgency. At that time, these violent acts of aggression were seen as part of world capitalism’s descent into barbarism. Today in Libya, similar acts are proclaimed to be a flowering of “humanitarianism” and “democracy.”

During that period, US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt appealed to the democratic sensibilities of the American people—while no doubt positioning the US for the pursuit of its own imperialist aims—by demanding a “quarantine” of fascist aggression. He declared in 1937, “Without a declaration of war and without warning or justification of any kind, civilians, including vast numbers of women and children, are being ruthlessly murdered with bombs from the air… Nations are fomenting and taking sides in civil warfare in nations that have never done them any harm. Nations claiming freedom for themselves deny it to others. Innocent peoples, innocent nations, are being cruelly sacrificed to a greed for power and supremacy which is devoid of all sense of justice and humane consideration.”

Those words from three quarters of a century ago read like an indictment of the Obama administration and the governments of Cameron, Sarkozy and Berlusconi. The Nuremberg trials after the Second World War established aggressive war as the “supreme international crime, differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.” This conception was incorporated into the United Nations, which barred “the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state.”

Yet today within the political establishment there is virtually no criticism of the aggressive war carried out by the NATO allies. The scoundrels of the media have fully integrated themselves into the imperialist war machine, literally stepping over corpses and concealing the camera-shy Western dogs of war to better fashion their propaganda about “revolution” and “liberation” in Libya. The driving force behind the Libyan war is imperialism, aptly described by Lenin as reaction all down the line. It is a war that has been pursued in the predatory interests of finance capital. It is designed to produce what is being referred to widely in the financial press as a “bonanza,” not only for the major energy conglomerates, but for the banks and corporations, while underpinning the vast fortunes accumulated by the ruling elite by means of financial speculation, the driving down of labor costs in America and Europe, and the exploitation of low-wage labor the world over.

International gangsterism goes hand-in-hand with economic and political criminality at home. Aggression abroad is inseparable from the merciless assault on the living standards and basic rights of broad masses of working people in Europe, America and virtually every major country. While workers are everywhere being told that there is no money to pay for jobs, education, health care, pensions or vital social services, billions are expended to bomb and invade Libya with no questions asked. A striking feature of the Libya war is the way it has mobilized behind it a social-political layer of middle class ex-lefts, liberal academics and former protesters. This is a process that has been developing over the course of several decades, accelerated by the demoralization of a section of this layer whose “leftism” leaned heavily on the Soviet Stalinist bureaucracy and began to dissipate with the bureaucracy’s self-liquidation. Others rallied to the imperialist intervention in the Balkans, attracted then, as now, to the phony claims that the world’s greatest aggressors were waging a war for “human rights.”

Today, one would have to be blind not to see the profound shift taking place within this layer. There are the academic scoundrels like Juan Cole, the University of Michigan Middle Eastern history professor who uses his reputation as a critic of the Bush administration’s war against Iraq to sell the Obama administration’s war on Libya. In Europe, groups like the French New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA) have used the war to forge closer ties with their own governments and promote the interests of their own ruling elites. They represent an entire stratum of the privileged middle class, which is being recruited as a new constituency for imperialism. Their politics are in all essentials indistinguishable from those of Obama and the CIA.

The war in Libya has won no significant popular support in any of the aggressor countries. Working people instinctively suspect that this war, like those that have preceded it, is being waged for the benefit of the financial oligarchy and at the expense of the broad masses. The struggle against war and imperialism can be taken forward only if it centered in the working class. The fight against war and the struggle against the destruction of jobs, living standards and basic social and democratic rights are today inseparable. Militarism abroad and social counterrevolution at home have common objective roots in the insoluble crisis of world capitalism.


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