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Over 40 Iraq & Afghanistan War Vets Threw Away Their Medals In Protest Of America’s Unnecessary Wars.

This moving and inspirational video Was taken during a Memorial Day march outside the NATO summit where over 40 Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans threw away their medals in protest of America’s unnecessary wars. These hired killers just went from zeros to heroes by standing up and speaking out against the murder of our middle-eastern brothers and sisters. As Einstein said, “the pioneers of a warless world are the youth who refuse military service.” No matter what Hollywood and the mainstream media say, war is not cool and soldiers are not heroes. War is a racket, and soldiers are government-sponsored, brain-washed, group-think imperial killing machines sent to protect the profits of old men in business suits.


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Whispers In The Wind ?

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Unholy Trinity: Vatican, London, D.C.

One of the Vatican‘s biggest scandals in decades has widened, with the Pope’s butler, Paolo Gabriele, pledging to co-operate with investigators over confidential documents found at his home. The leaked Vatican documents reveal a power struggle and accusations of corruption touching senior Vatican cardinals. One cardinal is suspected of playing a major role in the “Vatileaks” scandal. Vatican officials accused the president of the Vatican bank of leaking confidential documents. He was ousted by the board Thursday. Most critically, the leaks discredit Pope Benedict XVI’s No. 2, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican secretary of state. The scandal intensified last week with the publication of His Holiness, a book which reproduced confidential letters and memos to and from Benedict and his personal secretary. The Vatican called the book “criminal” and vowed to take legal action against the author, publisher, and whoever leaked the documents. The scandal broke in January when the Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi broadcast letters from the former number-two Vatican administrator, Monsignor Carlo Maria Viganò, to the pope. In the letters, Viganò begged not to be transferred for having exposed alleged corruption, which cost the Holy See millions of euros in higher contract prices. The prelate is now the Vatican’s US ambassador. The Pope’s personal butler was arrested and thrown in a Vatican prison. The Vatican has its own banking system, its own army, prison system, flag, post office and radio station.

The vatican is NOT part of Rome or part of Italy or part of any nation.


How did Pope Ratzinger who was a member of Hitler’s nazi youth become Pope?

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Brutal Despots & The Queen ?

Angry protests erupted outside Buckingham Palace as the Queen lavished hospitality at taxpayers expense on brutal dictators accused of hideous human rights abuses.Officials said the Foreign Office had approved the controversial guest list. Why were these brutal despots sharing lamb, asparagus and strawberries with the Queen at Windsor castle? The unsavoury guests are creatures of British imperialist policy. The role of the Saudi and Bahraini monarchies in the Gulf, is to violently suppress any democratic freedom movements and kill the freedom fighters. Their role is also to destroy Arab nationalist governments that have been a thorn in the side of US and UK imperialism. The Queen, Wills, Kate and Harry wined, dined, chatted and rubbed shoulders with Bahrain’s King Hamad Al Khalifa who has been condemned as a despot for violently suppressing pro-democracy protests. The Saudi, Bahraini and Qatari monarchies financed and armed the Libyan counterrevolutionaries who swiftly removed and murdered the Gadaffi regime so that the West could steal Libya’s oil.

These absolute monarchies demonstrated to “their subjects” what would happen to them if they got any ideas about organising regime change at home. The Queen’s despotic guests are now involved in organising a civil war in Syria to destroy and divide Syria for the benefit of the imperialist powers so that the US and the UK can proceed with its planned war against Iran. Graham Smith, chief executive of anti-monarchy group Republic, said,“The Queen owes a personal apology to all those fighting for freedom in those countries, and to the families of those who have died doing so.” One protester at Windsor Castle, waved a placard that read: “Oppressive tyrants, your days of plenty are numbered.” The 22-year-old said: “I don’t see how these lavish lunches can be justified when there’s decent people struggling to eat.”


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CISPA: Don’t Buy The HYPE!

The looming threat of cyberterrorism is being ramped up by the day–from government officials to mainstream media pundits–who say that cyberterror will soon outweigh terrorism as the number one security threat facing the United States. It’s a threat that’s all too certain, as the federal government continues to make the claim stressing how it’s not a matter of if, but when a cyber attack will occur in this the US. At a recent congressional hearing entitled “America is Under Cyber Attack: Why Urgent Action is Needed,” Subcommittee Chairman Michael McCaul exclaimed how “It’s not a matter of if, but when a cyber Pearl Harbor will occur.”

Overall, the cyberterror hype seems to be working–a recent poll reveals that Americans are now more scared of cyberterrorism than actual terrorism. In response to the climate of fear, the federal government has already started to draft legislation to deal with the threat. The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA, is a bill that would permit massive collusion between corporations and the government to gain access to private user data.

 It has already passed the House, and is now awaiting a Senate vote. Critics of the legislation warn that the bills proposed are too broad, and could pave the way for government abuse. “When it comes to protecting our civil rights and civil liberties, we don’t usually give the government a blank check, and that’s what these bills have done in a lot of ways,” explains Matt Wood, Policy Director for Free Press. He continues to describe how the government’s excessive response doesn’t match the threat, and that these laws could be used simply for corporations to capitalize off the elimination of privacy at the risk of impeding Net Neutrality. “It could be a competitive threat, it doesn’t have to be something you and I define as a cyber security threat, just a threat to their current bottom line or business,” Wood states. Whether or not CISPA passes the Senate, one thing remains clear. The government will continue its constant attempts to control the Internet, and the blanket threat of cyberterrorism may be the perfect avenue to convince the people of this country into giving up their rights to privacy on the Internet once and for all.

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Venue Mecca: Where You Find Live Music!

Where You Find Live Music!

 Users can access an extensive venue library / database via mobile app or web access and make their entertainment choice in seconds. Search by genre, show, artist, and get ticket information all on one site. Geographically locate entertainment fast and easy near your location.

Free mobile app coming soon, check your android and apple store for availability.

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SB 1813


SB 1813 is titled, Transportation Research and Innovative Technology Act of 2012. BUT, just like the NDAA, this bill has become a Trojan horse for an assault on the protected rights of the people. Inserted deep within this bill, in section 40304, is a provision that gives the IRS the power to revoke your passport for a “seriously delinquent tax debt in an amount in excess of $50,000.” There appears to be no requirement for a judgment by a court; no conviction for fraud or evasion is required, only a “certification by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue”.

This is a violation of your right to due process. There is also no provision for Congressional review or approval, therefore this removal of your passport is facilitated by an unelected official who is completely immune from political control of the people. This is a prime example of Legislation without representation. Sure the Senate and House must pass it, but after that the people’s representation is completely removed and a regulatory agency becomes the dictator of the common born rights of PEOPLE. What does the IRS have to do with your passport? How can non-payment of taxes be the impetus to remove your proof of citizenship or your right to freely travel? Doesn’t the removal of your passport practically affect the status of your citizenship? Are we now forced to believe that common rights of Americans, inherited from our Universal Creator, are bought by our taxes? For if our Trade may be taxed why not our Lands? Why not the Produce of our Lands & every thing [sic] we possess or make use of? This we apprehend annihilates our Charter Right to govern & tax ourselves– If Taxes are laid upon us in any shape without our having a legal Representation where they are laid, are we not reduced from the Character of free Subjects to the miserable State of tributary Slaves? [Samuel Adams, May 15, 1764, Boston Record Commissioners’ Report, vol. 16, pp. 120-122, emphasis added] Consistent with recent legislation attacking our Constutionally protected rights, this section is infested with overbroad and vague language. What does “seriously delinquent tax debt” mean? The language seems to imply that it is limited to debts of $50,000, but is it really? Must a debt be “seriously delinquent” in time AND be at least $50,000 in debt? There is no official definition to make this limitation. How long before we see the limits of the term “seriously delinquent tax debt” further expanded? If the monetary threshold is $50,000, what does it take to accrue a debt of $50,000 to the IRS? I personally know of a man who owed $10,000 to the IRS through no fault of his own; he received bad advice from his bank. His debt remained unknown to him for 3 years until the IRS sent him a notice that his original $10,000 debt is now upwards of $25,000.00 with fines and penalties. This man is no millionaire, but a middle class retired blue collar worker. And if the IRS can establish that $50,000 is the price of your rights, how long before that price becomes $20,000 or $10,000? When the IRS can take 3 years to notify someone of a debt, what happens when 3 years now equates to “seriously delinquent?” What if your livelihood requires this type of travel, does this not become a “debtor’s prison”

law that will prevent you from paying back your debt? There are fundamentally no limitations to the level of tyranny to be inflicted by this arbitrary and capricious law. In addition to the obvious constitutional violations of this law, I believe it is also an unconstitutional establishment of a Bill of Attainder. Bills of Attainder are unconstitutional by direct reference in the Constitution. No bill of attainder, ex post facto law, shall be passed. [Article I, Section 9; Clause 3] A bill of attainder is an act of the legislature declaring a person or group of person guilty of some crime and punishing them without benefit of a judicial trial. This bill is a bill of attainder. There is no requirement of conviction of fraud or evasion, no requirement of judicial judgment of debt before these rights are taken away. It is completely reasonable to believe that someone’s proof of citizenship can be revoked by the IRS even in cases of disputed debt. Bills of attainder are considered to be not only a revocation of habeas corpus but also a violation of separation of powers. These allow the legislative body to circumvent the judicial system in determining a person or group of people guilty of a crime. THIS LAW is even worse. Not only is it a violation of separation of powers, but Congress is transferring their power to an executive branch regulatory agency! The legislature is stealing power from the judicial system and then handing that stolen power to the executive branch for unrestrained, arbitrary, and capricious enforcement. I understand that “all experience hath shewn (sic) that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.” [Declaration of Independence] But the blatant actions of our congress have become completely tyrannical in nature and, if I may borrow language from the English Bill of Rights, have become an attempt to overturn and completely destroy the laws and liberties of this country. Borrowing language from our Declaration of Independence; “A Prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.” When will we have suffered enough of the long train of abuses?

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Definitionz: A


“Will you and your government teach eagles to fly and tigers to hunt? Of course not. No one is so arrogant with nature. But you and your government want to tell me what to buy and how to live, and I am more complex than any eagle or tiger! Give me only the same respect you pay the badger and the blue jay, and leave me alone. After all, anarchy means nothing more than human ecology

“To be an anarchist only means that you believe that aggression is not justified, and that states necessarily employ aggression. And, therefore, that states, and the aggression they necessarily employ, are unjustified. It’s quite simple, really. It’s an ethical view, so no surprise it confuses utilitarians”

“Anarchism has but one infallible, unchangeable motto, ‘Freedom.’ Freedom to discover any truth, freedom to develop, to live naturally and fully

“Show me the government that does not infringe upon anyone’s rights, and I will no longer call myself an anarchist”

“Anarchy is not just a desire to eliminate the State: it is a moral commitment to voluntary interactions and non-violent principles”

“Anarchists are opposed to violence; The main plank of anarchism is the removal of violence from human relations. It is life based on freedom of the individual, without the intervention of the gendarme. For this reason we are the enemies of capitalism which depends on the protection of the gendarme to oblige workers to allow themselves to be exploited – or even to remain idle and go hungry when it is not in the interest of the bosses to exploit them. We are therefore enemies of the State which is the coercive violent organization of society

“Anarchism aims to strip labor of its deadening, dulling aspect, of its gloom and compulsion. It aims to make work an instrument of joy, of strength, of color, of real harmony, so that the poorest sort of a man should find in work both recreation and hope

“I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time

“Anarchists know that a long period of education must precede any great fundamental change in society, hence they do not believe in vote begging, nor political campaigns, but rather in the development of self-thinking individuals

We cannot acknowledge allegiance to any human government. Our country is the world, our countrymen are all mankind

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Quackery Or Simply REALITY?

Dr. Robert Morse is an American naturopathic who has been practicing for almost 40 years and has cured over 100,000 people of every disease imaginable using simple detoxification methods and a raw vegan diet. Whether it’s Diabetes, Candida, Kidney Stones, Fibromyalgia, Lupis, Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Autism, MS, Parkinsons, HIV/AIDS, Insomnia, Migraines, Heart Conditions, or Cancer, no matter the ailment, Dr. Morse is confident that the human body has the ability to completely regenerate and heal itself.

If given the opportunity, through fasting, cleansing, detoxing, and raw living foods, the human body can and will regenerate and rebuild at the cellular level. However, most people eat acidic meals 3 times a day every day and have never fasted or detoxed even once in their lives. This is equivalent to perpetually running a complex machine 24/7 for years and expecting it never to break down. But over time pipes get clogged, waste backs up, wear and tear take their toll, and the machine ultimately overheats and fails. Only then can repairmen come in, fix the pipes, remove the excess waste, and repair the damage done. It is exactly the same with the human body and our repairmen (self-regenerating cells/tissue) can only clean out and fix the machine when it’s turned off. Fasting gives your internal organs the break they need to repair the damage of overuse. What allopathic doctors refer to as “diseases,” Dr. Morse suggests could be more accurately termed “healing crises.” The allopathic model merely lumps together a bunch of symptoms, gives them a name based on what part of the body they affect, then offers you unnecessary pills, vaccinations, radiation and surgeries that ultimately do more harm than good. Dr. Morse insists in his book “Illusion of Disease” that all these various medical diagnoses are misnomers which complicate the issue and disempower the patient:

“Medical Doctors simply fit a name to the respective symptom that occurs when acids damage the cells of the body (or set in motion an inflammatory response), and a symptom is experienced. Which is again simply: location, location, location! The location in the body = the name of the symptom … The concept of diseases is ridiculous! It is fostered by the Pharmaceutical Companies. The concept of disease was perpetrated by the medical community to cast a ‘mystique’ over the general populous. Controlling man by fear, through the mystery of symptoms coming from the outside world. Setting themselves up as the potential ‘life savers’ with their bizarre chemical potions of pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy, radiation and radical surgeries. The ego, capitalism and totalitarianism consciousness has created a modality that can’t cure anything and conversely hurts and kills the largest number of humans ever seen. They are statistically and factually the largest killing machine of humans ever, including all the wars put together!”

-Dr. Robert Morse

I hope everyone takes some time to listen to Dr. Morse and hear some of the incredible stories he has to share. He is a true human being, compassionate, knowledgeable, and an amazing resource and inspiration for anyone suffering with health problems.

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Why Were These Disasters Described As If They Already Occured?


The years 2010 to 2020 were dubbed the “doom decade” for good reason: the 2012 Olympic bombing, which killed 13,000, was followed closely by an earthquake in Indonesia killing 40,000, a tsunami that almost wiped out Nicaragua, and the onset of the West China Famine, caused by a once-in-a-millennium drought linked to climate change”.  


Quoted From: “Scenarios For The Future Of Technology & International Development”

The Rockefeller Foundation” & “Global Business Network” (May 2010 )

Download The PDF Here:

 Why Were These Disasters Described As If They Already Occured?

Are These Disasters Scheduled To Take Place?

Why Was The 2012 Olympics Specifically Mentioned As Being Bombed?




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