How do WE win the battle with evil?

Aside from being a masterpiece of   literature, George Orwell’s legendary “1984” is more than just a story.   It’s the prophecy and vision of what the Devil Snakes Inc. have planned for all of us. The dominant force, “Big Brother”, is nothing more than a symbol for the “New World Order” which already controls everything. And just like those behind “Big Brother”, we will never know who is truly pulling the strings. What’s even scarier is that the Devil Snakes Inc. even create false resistance movements designed to root out dissidents, exactly as   seen in the book. The secret brotherhood is hard at work trying to get us to chase them down rabbit holes.


You can bet that any high profile conspiracy  website like INFOWARS.COM has been infiltrated by the Devil Snakes Inc. Activist celebrity superstar “Alex Jones” didn’t become a superstar without a green light. He miraculously gets mainstream airtime with Barbara Walters on The View, Piers Morgan on CNN and  BBC interviews. He personally gets an interview with David Gergen, sneaks past top security at Bohemian Grove, floats up to the 2013 Bilderberg hotel on a barge with his camera crew shouting  “down with the new World Order” and “we know who you are”. Sure, he  straps on a rifle and tells us all  how powerfully evil the evilocracy is and that we will defeat them…but he never explains how. All he does is fear monger.

Once  the evilocracy decides to orchestrate and provoke a “losing people’s revolution”, guess who will be leading the angry mob… The shadow government  behind the scenes is in the process of completing the establishment of full control of the world and its population in The New World Order Empire. Is 2014 the roll out year for in-your-face tyranny? This long-term gradual process by powerful wealthy think tanks and strategists is using  both overt and covert means to control world   affairs,  public opinions and the health of body and mind. How did they corral so much power? With fractional reserve banking, interest, loans, debt, privately controlled central banks,   fiat currency, resources, chemicals, technology,  industry,   corporations, medicine, education, media, communications,   government-corporate interlocking, bribery, blackmail, threat, murder,   false flags, secret treaties, war, fear, hypnosis, psy ops, symbols and   more.          


Each of us has a corporate identity that is  tracked through our birth certificate, medical records, social  security number, driver’s license, auto registration, any professional   or business license,  bank account, various credit accounts, credit   bureau profiles, utilities accounts, insurance policies, real estate,   taxation accounts, securities holdings, passport, etc.In cities, there is a greater degree of surveillance from the   tangle of security cameras indoors and outdoors at commercial and   government facilities, stores,  intersections, roadways and cell phone towers. Google Earth spies on your house and driveway. There are  scanners that can identify an RFID chip in your car, in your driver’s license, in your cell phone or portable  computer, or on products you may be carrying in the car. Your body will be next. by vans equipped with advanced technology  can scan you and your home or car remotely, without your knowledge and listen to your conversations in addition to gathering data from  phone, Internet and email communications, “smart meters” and “smart   appliances”.


The control grid we are trapped in is  even more thorough than  Orwell’s description. The consolidation of control over oil, natural gas, water, land, forests, farms, food and people around the world is the real intent of the UN’s Agenda 21. Carbon emissions from normal human actions is just a falsified cover story for this program citing “sustainability” as its goal. Economic collapse,  earthquakes, volcanoes,  mega storms, nuclear radiation, electro magnetic pulse (EMP), power grid shutdown, a pandemic,  a provoked rebellion – any of these events could  trigger social chaos and a police state clamp down. It is  already being  rehearsed through emergency   and security drills like GridEX.  Devil Snakes Inc. relish being able to hide  in plain sight. Between the subliminal symbols in  pop culture and the government, the New World Order has proven how comfortable they are with their current level of control. They’ve infiltrated everything to such a degree that they no longer need to  hide it. It’s a done deal.

How do we win the battle with evil? By understanding the matrix of illusion and transcending it.


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