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More Questions: Live Mind Control?

Does bizarre footage from the moments preceding her ‘Freemason’ rant on the House floor suggest Dianne Reidy was a victim of mind control?

A man with white hair appears to give Reidy a nod, causing her demeanor to immediately shift as she enters a trance-like state before walking towards the podium to deliver her rant. A black man sat opposite appears to react to Reidy’s strange behavior. The white haired man then immediately goes to his cellphone to send a text message. Also learn why we never actually heard Reidy’s actual rant when she was stood in front of the speaker’s podium – the media simply dubbed over her words from when she was being dragged away in a different part of the building.

What Did She Really Say On The House Floor That Had To Be Completely Edited Out?

What Did The Un-named, White haired  Man Say or Signal To Her Immediately Before Her Rant?

Who Did The Un-named, White haired  Man Contact Via Cellphone Immediately After Speaking To or Signaling Her?


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